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    VOM Social Voice

    We are not accepting applications to join VOM Voice at this time. Please check back with us at a later date. Thank you for serving our persecuted family.
    Represent VOM in your sphere of influence.

    If your time is limited, consider being a Social Voice. As a Social Voice, you can pray, write, or use social media to share with others in your sphere of influence.

    Join today!


    • Pray regularly for your persecuted family
    • Stay informed about Christian persecution worldwide
    • Engage in regular social media interaction with VOM: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
    • Share with those in your sphere of influence (friends and family) about your persecuted family

    Time Commitment

    • Desired: 2 hours a month

    Preparation Required

    • None

    What Others Are Saying

    “Being a voice for the persecuted has added a rich dimension to my prayer life, my understanding of current events, my empathy for fellow Christians around the world and my perspective on life.”
    Paul W.
    “Being a voice has allowed me to share in the work that God is performing around the world, and it has given me more opportunities to proclaim the gospel here in my own country.”
    Karl G.
    “My faith has grown and matured as I’ve watched the very words of God come alive in my persecuted brothers and sisters. There will be persecution, and He will strengthen the faithful and expand His kingdom in the very midst of this.”
    Deborah F.
    “When I speak to others about persecuted believers, I feel like I truly am talking about people I know and love. I believe it has created in me an intimate connection with them.”
    Julie T.
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