Uzbekistan: Like Scripture Came To Life

May 26, 2017
As a young man, Dmitry “David” Shestakov was a criminal and a drug user. His mother—an atheist—had tried everything to get her son’s attention and turn his life around. In desperation, she went to church and prayed, “God, if You exist, save my son!” God answered her prayer, and after Jesus saved him David committed to tell others the Good News that had transformed his heart. God showed David early on that his service would be costly, and it was. He was arrested for his Christian work and sentenced to long years in prison. “Why me?” he asked. But he saw God working even in prison. One of the things God used to bless—and even protect—David was letters written by VOM readers through Listen to hear how God used those letters to make David a respected figure in the prison, and help him avoid being beaten by the guards. You’ll also hear how the Uzbek government tried to add years to his sentence, but God miraculously moved and David was released, “like a Scripture came to life.” Finally, David will share thoughts on how we can pray for Christians in prison right now, and for their family members, whose suffering is sometimes even greater than the prisoner’s. After you listen to how letters blessed David, write a letter to a Christian currently in prison at
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