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    Outreach Packs

    Outreach Packs

    You can help Christians in restricted nations spread the gospel by providing them with Outreach Packs that they will give to their unsaved neighbors. Outreach Packs include practical items like toiletries, bedding and clothing. Help your Christian family share Christ's love and open doors for the gospel by filling an Outreach Pack.

    Muslims who are suffering at the hands of extremist groups like ISIS are more open to the gospel than ever before. Since the program's launch in Iraq and Syria, many Muslim refugees have come to Christ after being touched by this expression of love and care from their Christian neighbors.

    For each $7 donation, you will receive one pack to fill. You may fill a pack on your own or order several packs for use as a service project with friends, family or a small group. Here's how to do it:

    1. Order an Action Pack kit from VOM.
    2. Fill the pack with items from the list included with the kit.
    3. Mail the filled pack back to VOM, paying the shipping cost to our office in Oklahoma.
    4. VOM ships the pack to the field, where local Christians distribute them during their gospel outreach work.

    Your pack will be sent where it's most needed. If you prefer to have VOM fill the pack, visit our Sponsor an Outreach Pack page. To order more than four Outreach Packs, call 800-747-0085.

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