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    Iran: Desperate for God Audio CD

    Iran: Desperate for God Audio CD

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    They must tell others...the challenging testimonies of seven Muslims who have found Christ in a nation branded as a leading exporter of terrorism.

    Despite the tremendous oppression in Iran, an intense spiritual hunger is breaking out across the nation.

    How Can It Be?

    The salvation of Jesus Christ is sweeping through one of the most oppressive terrorist nations on earth. How can it be?

    In a nation where heroin addiction is the highest in the world, thousands are turning to the Savior. How can it be?

    In a nation where the Guardian Council of mullahs crushes the spirit, spiritual freedom is leaping from apartment to apartment, from village to city, from city to desert, from bus to bus. Witness a different kind of explosion--the destruction of desperation. Doctors, students, housewives, are liberated.

    This is Iran. How can it be?


    Author: The Voice of the Martyrs
    Read by Marco Prentice and Mya Franchetti
    Edition: Compact Disc
    Length: Approximately 3.7 hours
    Topic/Country: Iran, persecution, evangelism

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