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    Restricted Nations: Egypt

    Restricted Nations: Egypt

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    In a nation once considered entirely Christian, populated by Coptic-speaking believers, Christians in Egypt today face persecution and discrimination rivaling that of the early church under the Roman Empire.

    Attacks, bombings and shootings are frequent, churches are burned and homes are destroyed. Despite the dangers, many Christians remain in Egypt as living testimonies to Christ's power in the midst of troubling circumstances.

    With a rich Christian history that has developed over the past two millennia, Egypt has endured political upheaval and almost constant instability where believers have been mistreated and even martyred. This book provides a brief overview of Christianity in Egypt, weaving historical accounts with present-day testimonies of Christians to inspire you to stand with your brothers and sisters and pray that they remain steadfast witnesses for Christ.


    Author: The Voice of the Martyrs with Lisa Anne Nichols
    Edition: Paperback
    Pages: 118 pp.
    Topic/Country: Egypt, persecution, history

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