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    Martyrs Comic Book

    Martyrs Comic Book

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    Kingstone Comics Martyrs highlights the stories of four of the Church’s best known martyrs in comic-book form. The stories of the martyrs come to life with vivid illustrations and text. The four stories range from A.D. 34 to the Roman Empire in A.D. 320. They include the stories of the stoning of Stephen the deacon; Perpetua, a faithful Roman convert who died in the coliseum; the Thundering Legion, Roman soldiers who were frozen to death for refusing to recant their faith; and Polycarp, the Bishop of Smyrna who was burned at the stake. Parental review advised.

    * Single comic book
    * Pack of 5 comic books


    Author: Kingstone Comics
    Edition: Paperback
    Pages: 34 pp.
    Topic/Country: Persecution, martydom, Rome

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