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    Restricted Nations: Sudan

    Restricted Nations: Sudan

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    This book is an across-the-ages journey examining the persecution of Christians in Sudan. By blending historical facts and personal narratives, these pages draw you closer to your suffering family in Sudan. You will gain an understanding of trials faced in the past and insight into modern-day hardships. You will see how, for centuries, God has advanced among various tribal groups and across regions of the country. And you will be challenged to live out the same costly obedience to Jesus Christ.

    Sudan has known war, violence, and corruption, and the Church has been a favored target for following Jesus above all. From ancient times to today, the Body of Christ in Sudan has been oppressed and wounded. Yet this Body has not been broken, but emboldened. Amid turbulent changes in government, ongoing civil strife, and dominant Islamic influence, the Christians of Sudan have persevered. Even with a newly independent Republic of South Sudan in 2011, much remains uncertain, but many are clinging to their only Hope--Jesus Christ.


    Author: The Voice of the Martyrs with Renee Dylan
    Edition: Paperback
    Pages: 96 pp.
    Topic/Country: Sudan

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