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    The Story of Saint Valentine

    The Story of Saint Valentine

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    Meet the man behind the holiday-the one who dared to tell the emperor of Rome about Jesus. Your children will love the true story of Valentinus, a courageous Christian man who lived in third century Rome. Follow him as he performs secret marriage ceremonies in the woods, going against the Roman emperor's edicts. As his arrest unfolds, he is dragged before the emperor who is furious not only at the weddings, but also because Valentinus refuses to worship Roman gods. For these crimes, Valentinus is sentenced to death. Valentinus proclaims Jesus is God's Son and invites the emperor to believe in Him and be saved.

    Read with your children and grandchildren about how the emperor responds and more about Valentinus' witness in prison. A special note to parents and educators provides more information on the historical background of Valentinus and Valentine's Day.


    Author: The Voice of the Martyrs with Cheryl Odden
    Edition: Hardback
    Pages: 34 pp.
    Topic/Country: Valentine's Day, underground church

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