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    Islam & Terrorism

    Islam & Terrorism

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    In Dr. Gabriel's well-written book, Islam and Terrorism, you will learn how Mohammed practiced holy war and why it continues today in nations like Sudan; why the verses about jihad cancel out the verses about tolerance; what Muslims believe about earning their way to Paradise (heaven); and why the U.S. has become the target of Islamic terrorism.

    Dr. Mark A. Gabriel was able to quote the entire Koran by age 12. Raised in Egypt--in the midst of a breeding ground of Islamic terrorists--he spent his formative years deep inside the confines of Muslim influence. He later taught at Al-Azhar University in Cairo--the oldest and most prestigious Islamic university in the world that serves as the intellectual authority for the Islamic world--until he met Jesus Christ and lost his job, family and homeland.


    Author: Mark A. Gabriel, Ph.D.
    Edition: Paperback
    Pages: 234 pp.
    Topic/Country: Islam, Egypt, Sudan

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