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    In the Shadow of the Cross

    In the Shadow of the Cross

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    From Cain to the prophets, from John the Baptist to the disciples, the world has always rejected (the) Truth. Now with VOM's release, In the Shadow of the Cross, you can join the late Glenn Penner of VOM Canada as he explores suffering and persecution throughout the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Included are observations and studies from nearly 200 Christian scholars, both ancient and modern. Never before has such an intensive study of persecution in the Bible been assembled, and no student of the Bible should be without this incredible resource.

    Two brothers present an offering to the Lord. One is a "keeper of sheep," the other a "worker of the ground." One of the offerings is acceptable to God; the other is not. This results in one brother rising up against the other and killing him. Within the initial four chapters of the Bible, we witness the first act of martyrdom (or religious persecution): Cain killing Abel (Genesis 4:2-8). Throughout the Scripture (Old and New Testament), the trials and persecutions of those who chose to live godly are revealed.

    "The Bible (especially the New Testament) was written by persecuted believers to persecuted believers. This context cannot be ignored without it having profoundly negative implications for how we read and apply the Bible and how we follow Christ individually and corporately. A cross-centered gospel requires cross-carrying messengers." – Glenn Penner, from In the Shadow of the Cross.


    Author: Glenn Penner
    Edition: Paperback
    Pages: 260 pp.
    Topic/Country: Suffering, Persecution, Martyrdom

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