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    “We are witnessing attacks by Islamic extremists unlike the world has seen in decades. Now is the time to stand with our brothers and sisters who have fallen victim and with front-line workers who are reaching our enemies for Christ!”
    – Cole Richards, VOM’s Vice President of International Ministry

    A building being prepared to shelter refugees from Mosul
    An evangelist in Syria

    Support for Christians Facing Islamic Extremism

    An estimated 100,000 Christians have been displaced in Iraq in the last few months alone. Others have fled to surrounding nations. Your contributions will be used to provide emergency care for Iraqi, Syrian and other Christians who have faced brutal assaults by Islamic extremists. Your contributions help provide medical care, temporary shelter, food, clothing, blankets, clean drinking water and other needs.

    Support for Front-Line Workers

    Even amid persecution, our faithful brothers and sisters continue to reach out to Muslims. They use some of the assistance they receive to share with their neighbors who are now questioning the Muslim faith. Your contributions to VOM’s Front-Line Ministry Fund will be used to share the gospel with Muslims.

    Yes, I would like to help my brothers and sisters who are under attack by the Islamic State (IS) and other Islamic extremists.

    Yes, I would like to support those on the front lines of ministry who risk their lives to share the truth of Christ.

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